10 Best email marketing software you should know

The best email marketing software can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. Email marketing software offers quick and easy tools that can help you grow your business.
Email marketing helps you attract new customers and maintain close relationships with existing loyal customers. There’s a long list of email marketing services available and most of them operate at relatively low prices.
We’ve tested the best of them In this article, we will review the 10 best email marketing services you should know.

01. Constant Contact

10 Best email marketing software you should know

Constant Contact is easy to use, it looks professional, and demystifies email marketing. It is occasionally stingy for the price.

Constant Contact has very affordable plans and great help materials. It includes built-in templates for emails. You can imports contacts to Constant Contacts from Gmail and Outlook. The Easy-to-use editor is very useful for customizing campaigns. Also, Free trial of Constant Contacts available for 60 days. You can create signup forms, Google Analytics integration. Constant Contact Mobile app available on android and ios.
Its default storage limited to 5 files.

02. Campaign Monitor

10 Best email marketing software you should know


Campaign Monitor provides such a service allowing you to seamlessly communicate with customers via easily built email campaigns. Getting started with Campaign Monitor is quick and easy. Although you’ll require a paid account to send emails. It allows you to send automated emails that you program into the system so that when a user takes a certain action.
Campaign Monitor allows you to capture data to an online mailing list, manage it, and send HTML e-newsletters to it. There are around 50 Campaign Monitor templates available. Also, It has very professional and responsive in appearance.
You can upload a variety of file formats, including CSV, tab delimited and Excel.
It is expensive in comparison to its competitors.

03. MailChimp

10 Best email marketing software you should know

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing services available because it is extremely easy to use for anyone, regardless of how tech-savvy one is or is not. It includes advanced features in its email creation and tracking tools, and we had considerable success with it when we sent test emails to a variety of email clients. If you are a small business looking to get started with email marketing with the least amount of fuss, MailChimp should be part of your toolbox.

Lots of third-party integration are available on MailChimp. There are easy to use plugins that connect MailChimp to WordPress so we can build our subscription list

04. Active Campaign

10 Best email marketing software you should know

ActiveCampaign is a very good piece of software with only a small number of flaws. It has one of the best user interfaces for building automation campaigns, making it easy and enjoyable to use.

The main feature of ActiveCampaign is its automation. Not only does it allow autoresponders, based on myriad conditions, but it also allows automation of your contacts and list management, as well as automation within its CRM system known as Deals. Deals allow you to add notes to contacts, set up appointments or simply send direct messages to them. ActiveCampaign supports many third-party integrations

05. AWeber

10 Best email marketing software you should know

AWeber is an email marketing solution offers to sign up form, and autoresponder software that helps you to send out the sequence of email marketing messages.
Also, AWeber gives you great flexibility to manage contacts and customize your own email templates, but it does not have a lot of third-party integration.
Aweber provides you with the following key features:

AWeber has the ability to import/host an email database. It has a wide range of templates with responsive email designs. It allows autoresponders. AWeber includes RSS / blog to-email functionality and segmentation options.

If you want email marketing without a lot of fuss, AWeber deserves a look.

06. GetResponse

10 Best email marketing software you should know

The biggest benefit to using GetResponse as your email marketing solution is its unique tracking options and marketing suggestions. It is a good choice for startup owners because of its marketing help for your email campaigns.
GetResponse is an easy-to-use email marketing service with good third-party contact integration and solid support. It includes Google Analytics integration and third-party contact import integration. GetResponse lets you choose to create an email or newsletter on your own using HTML, or you can use one of the hundreds of templates that provided by  GetResponse email marketing service.

07. ConvertKit

10 Best email marketing software you should know

ConvertKit is an email marketing service provider that’s purpose-built for professional bloggers. It supports landing pages, content upgrades and more.
ConvertKit allows staying in touch with your prospective and existing customers with drip emails and newsletters. It gathers subscribers with opt-in forms.
Also, ConvertKit integrates with WordPress and sets specific CTA forms for each post. You can create landing pages with custom CSS and domains to launch products and gather subscribers.

08. Infusion Soft

10 Best email marketing software you should know

Infusionsoft is a web-based customer relationship management software designed for small and midsize businesses.
With Infusionsoft, business users can import and store both online and offline contacts at one place in an organized manner. It automatically logs every engagement with the customers and generates automated follow-up messages for different customer segments based on the level of engagement.
Infusionsoft offers advanced analytics tools to generate valuable business insights from customer engagement data

09. SendingBlue

10 Best email marketing software you should know

SendinBlue is a promising email marketing solution, but it’s not always easy to use as its templates are basic and it lacks third-party integrations.
SendinBlue is a self-service solution for businesses to send emails and SMS. You can effectively and easily manage your marketing campaigns independently. Also, This tool is simple and effective tool for your marketing purposes.

10. Zoho Campaign

10 Best email marketing software you should know

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software for small to mid-sized business to automate the entire marketing process – from managing your email campaigns to maintaining your mailing lists. The simplicity of two-way integration without engaging with other companies, so that was what made it for us to move away from other platforms.
Zoho Campaigns engage your customers anywhere with social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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