10 Best English learning website you should know

There are many English learning websites that help learn English but the best ones are the interactive sites. From these websites, you can practice vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and yes—even speaking.
Here are my 10 best English learning websites for helping you learn English. They’re really useful because they help strengthen your English skills in the four main areas of language learning.

01. Duolingo

Best english learning website you should know

Duolingo is one of the most popular and well-known tools for learning a language online. It is completely free. Duolingo also includes language courses for speakers of languages other than English.
On Duolingo, select languages you can learn based on which language you speak.Duolingo has very good instruction. There are many lessons at Duolingo called Skills. The lessons include images, text, and audio to test your speaking and pronunciation skills.
You can practice it by translating real-world text and can test out of lessons that are too easy.

02. BBC Learning English

Best english learning website you should know

BBC Learn English service provides practical knowledge in speaking good English. It has topics such as grammar, pronunciation, business English, and quizzes. The user can listen to these topics, watch videos on grammar and tips and can test their retention through the quizzes. The crossword section of the site is a great way to build vocabulary.

03. British Council

Best english learning website you should know

The British Council is a British organization specialized in international cultural and educational opportunities. It works in over 100 countries to promote a wider knowledge of the UK and the English language. British Council is the best place for learning English or if you want to be a fluent English speaker.
The British Council offers face-to-face teaching in over 80 teaching centers in more than 50 countries.

04. FluentU

Best english learning website you should know

FluentU is a monthly subscription site that offers language immersion through native videos. Their method allows you to learn words in context in a natural way. FluentU’s method is extremely helpful for learners from absolute beginners up to upper intermediates. If you are at a more advanced level of learning you might not find the site’s features as useful. The site’s method is that there is absolutely no speaking practice.
You can create a profile and try out the site for free without any obligation. Monthly plans are available at $8 or $18.

05. Memrise

Best english learning website you should know

Memrise is a free language learning website that uses its community of users to teach and improve language learning for everyone. It uses audio, images, and memory techniques to help you associate words. Memrise is an app that should only be looked at to enhance the knowledge gained from your actual language course material.

Memrise focuses on finding the right mnemonics to remember words. Memrise also available as free mobile apps available for download.

06. Babbel

Best english learning website you should know

Babbel is an inexpensive and little-known language-learning program. It combines writing, listening and practicing in a single interface available both online and offline via the app. Each lesson lasts roughly 15 minutes, depending on your speed and the time you decide to spend on it.
Babbel has programs for 14 languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

07. EnglishCentral

Best english learning website you should know

EnglishCentral is the video player, where students watch videos, learn vocabulary in-content of the video, and then speak using the video as a model. Access to EnglishCentral website is free with an easy email sign-up, but Premium memberships, which provide users with enhanced features start at $15/month.
Video categories include Business, Daily Life, Dining/Food, Environment, Movies & TV, Music, News & Politics, Shopping, Social Life, Sports, Technology, Travel, and Video Gaming.

08. Rosetta Stone

Best english learning website you should know

Rosetta Stone is one of the biggest brands in language learning. Rosetta Stone continues to be the best full-featured software for learning a new language. It is very expensive compared to other.
It has excellent user experience with the Polished user interface. RosettaStone Mobile apps are also available.
Rosetta Stone has programs for 21 languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American), English (British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

09. FlashAcademy

Best english learning website you should know

FlashAcademy (one word), is a relatively new mobile app for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It offers a language learning course, not unlike other learning programs such as Duolingo and Memrise. They offered a free version as well, but its features are extremely limited.

As each lesson progresses, users are offered an increasingly difficult series of questions that culminate in a series of actual conversations between speakers. FlashAcademy can be used without the internet connection, provided you have downloaded the categories using wi-fi first.

10. HelloTalk

Best english learning website you should know

HelloTalk is basically a language exchange and learning app, which provides you with an online messenger platform, to meet native speakers of the language you are trying to learn. This app has a huge community of users, 2 million users worldwide.

You can practice your target language with native speakers via text, audio, and voice messages. It helps you to practice and improve your communication skills with free audio and video calls.
Language translation, transliteration, grammar correction, text to voice, and voice recognition to improve your writing and speaking skills.


Anwar Yakkiparamban

Anwar Yakkiparamban is the founder of Lauyou Learning. Prior to Lauyou learning, Anwar worked at ARD Engineering & Development, Qatar. He holds bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt. Engineering College Idukki.

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