10 Best Remote Desktop Manager you should know

Remote Desktop Protocol is developed by Microsoft which is a network protocol that provides a way for people to access a computer remotely with a GUI along with input devices like keyboard and mouse. Remote Desktop Access is the best way to keep in touch with the files on your desktop and manage them from any possible location. In this post, we’ve listed 10 best Remote Desktop software you should know.

01. Remote Utilities

Best Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Utilities is remote desktop software for Windows that allow remote access from one PC to another PC over a LAN or the Internet. You can connect up to 10 computers for free from a mobile device or desktop program. Remote Utilities use the Client-server model and it includes a Host that is installed on the remote PC and the Viewer that is installed on the local PC.
To access the remote PC, you need to know the IP address of the remote PC and access password. Also, it can be integrated with Active Directory and provides remote installation across multiple PCs. This program is 100% free for both business and private use.

02. TeamViewer

Best Remote Desktop Manager

TeamViewer is remote computer software for desktop sharing, online meetings, remote control, and file transfer. You can use TeamViewer on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile device. TeamViewer has an easy to use interface, and fast connection and transfer times.

When you install TeamViewer, it will give out a unique 9 digit ID number. It actually never changes even if you update or reinstall TeamViewer. You can share this ID number with another TeamViewer user to access your computer. Also, TeamViewer completely free for both business and private use.

03. Join Me

Best Remote Desktop Manager

Join.me is a web-based application that allows you to share the screen for various purposes. It has a user-friendly interface. This program gives you a personalized and flexible conferencing experience with share screens, make recordings, add and remove participants, and more. Option to record meetings will keep them in the database. It does not require complex installations, as it is hosted in web and ready to run upon implementation. The basic version of Join.me is free of cost.

04. UltraVNC

Best Remote Desktop Manager

UltraVNC is open-source remote desktop software for Windows. It uses the VNC protocol to access another computer remotely over a network. It is a powerful, easy to use and free software which allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. UltraVNC also provides encryption plugin to secure the client-server connection. Also, it allows file transfers, chat functionality and various authentication methods.

05. Windows RDP

Best Remote Desktop Manager

Windows Remote Desktop is a free feature built into the Windows Operating System. This RDP client exists for most versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, iOS, Android, and other operating systems. RDP servers are built into Windows operating systems. This program is easy-to-use and it is built-in with Windows OS which makes it fit for beginners.

You have to set up your router for port forwarding so that another PC can connect to you from outside the network. It is not allowed multiple connections.

06. Chrome RDP

Best Remote Desktop Manager

Chrome RDP is available as an extension for Google Chrome browser, accessible on any operating system running it. The add-on allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or a Chromebook. It helps you to remote desktop access and to access to files and folders and fully secured.

To setup Chrome RDP, you must sign on to your Google account. Remote Assistance section is used for connecting to another computer which gives you a temporary access code to share with another side. It required downloading Chrome Remote Desktop Host, which will prompt to download when required to.

07. Remote PC

Best Remote Desktop Manager

RemotePC is a simple free remote desktop software which allows a single connection at a time. You have to share the Access ID and Key with someone else to access the computer. Enter the host computer’s Access ID and Key to connect and control the host.
The RemotePC web viewer allows you to access multiple computers from anywhere, anytime via a web browser. You need an active internet connection and the RemotePC application installed on the remote computers to access. Their pricing starts at $6.95.

08. AnyDesk

Best Remote Desktop Manager

AnyDesk is a free remote access program that supports unattended access and it doesn’t need an installation. It allows you to transfer files without having to configure a router. AnyDesk helps you to access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service. All you need to do to get started is to download and launch the program file.

Additionally, AnyDesk works with Linux, macOS, Windows operating systems. It runs in portable mode by default but you can install it like a regular program.

09. LiteManager

Best Remote Desktop Manager

LiteManager is a remote desktop program for Windows to control computers remotely over the Internet or remote administration in a LAN. It allows to quickly and easily control computer desktop in real-time mode with full support for Windows. LiteManager support secure remote access to the file system, processes, and services of the remote computer. The program has built-in tools for creating network map, collecting technical data, configure private ID router.

Also, the free version includes the main functions and capabilities and offers 30 free licenses for remote access to 30 computers.

10. ScreenConnect

Best Remote Desktop Manager

ScreenConnect is a remote desktop application that allows to perform remote support, gain remote access and run remote meetings. It connects to your users quickly and easily with fully functional remote support. ScreenConnect is accessible from any internet-connected device. It uses AES-256 encryption for two-factor authentication.

Users can gain access and control unattended servers or computers. This will helps users to install and upgrade customer computers without requiring manually enabled connections.

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