10 Best Backlink Checker tools you should know

Getting quality backlinks to your site is a great way to raise your page rank and page traffic. One way to get quality backlinks is to check out your competitor and see where they are getting their links. To view backlinks of a competitor or your own domain, many backlink checker tools out there to help you. They let you a greater understanding of our competitors’ domain.

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10 Best Backlink Checker

I have reviewed some of the top SEO tools that are widely used by bloggers and SEO agencies. Here, I’ve listed 10 best backlink checker tools.

01. Ahref

Backlink Checker tools

Ahrefs is one of best backlink checker tool to get a backlink analysis of a competitor site or your own site. For a free analysis Ahref, just go to the Ahref home page and type the URL of the website whose total backlink analysis you wish to see. The website

If you sign up for a paid account, you can get more in-depth analysis and track your progress over time. Ahrefs has crawled 2.13 trillion external backlinks. It refreshes every 15 minutes to ensure a thorough link index to check your site against.

02. Semrush

Backlink Checker tools

Semrush is a powerful SEO Tool which lets you check backlinks pointing to your domain. However Semrush is not a free tool, but you can use its trial version for free. This Link Checker Software lets you compare your site’s links with your competitors’ links. You’ll need to sign up for a paid account because the site gives you a very limited number of searches for free. Paid version starts for $69.95/mo which will give a more in-depth analysis.

03. Majestic SEO

Backlink Checker tools

Majestic SEO backlink checker doesn’t use third-party data to deliver the backlink information. Instead, it crawls the web itself. Majestic SEO is free, but it offers additional information on a paid subscription. This backlink checker lets you free download the link profile of your competitor. It helps you to get a complete list of backlinks that is available to a site.

04. Google Search Console

Backlink Checker tools

Google Search Console helps you to monitor Google Search results data for your properties and of course backlinks to your domain. Checking backlinks for businesses with Google Search Console makes the task available for everyone free.

Once you logged in to this tool, Under the Search Console, you can check out “Links to Your Site” under the “Search Traffic” section. It will offer up-to-date backlink information right from the source.

05. BuzzSumo

Backlink Checker tools

Buzzsumo is one of the most used backlink checker tools. This tool is mostly preferred for content marketing. It has free and pro versions. Buzzsumo provides comprehensive information about who is linking to your competitors. This tool also enables us to convert an existing web link into CSV file. Using Buzzsumo, you can also find out what type of content attracts the most links.

06. Open Site Explorer

Backlink Checker tools

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is one of the most widely used backlink checker tools. This tool is considered one of the best tools available for backlink analysis. Open Site Explorer allow you to build a high-quality Inbound Link Profile. It shows you Blog Domain Authority, as well as Page Authority. It is a powerful tool capable of identifying both bad and good backlinks for your own site. The free version provides up to 200 backlinks per report. The paid version comes for $99 per month and provides up to 10,000 backlinks per report.

07. Backlink Watch

Backlink Checker tools

Backlink Watch is a free web-based Backlink Checker Tool. This tool helps you to quick and easy backlink analysis. Using Backlink Watch, you can sort by links that are set to do-follow or no-follow. It will show the page rank, outbound links, and anchor text for that domain. Backlink Watch uses Ahrefs database to show user’s link profile.

08. Open Link Profiler

Backlink Checker tools

OpenLinkprofiler is the best and advanced Backlink Monitor Tool. It let you check backlinks for the unlimited domain. You can also download newest 1000 links to any domain in CSV format. This tool also helps you to analyze what links need to be removed to improve your page rank.

09. SEOProfiler

Backlink Checker tools

SEOprofiler is a full-featured website promotion tool that offers everything that you need to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. SEOprofiler is a cloud-based Internet marketing software tool. It assists companies in identifying relevant websites that can link to their own site. The tool allows them to manage these links such as check their status regularly to guarantee the leads.

10. Rank Signals

Backlink Checker tools

Rank Signals Uncover SEO backlinks and traffic sources of your competitors. Rank Signals is a free SEO Tool that helps you to discover high-quality backlinks sources. This Tools enable you to do Competition Analysis, Identify your Bad Links, Alexa Rank, evaluate Link Signals, detect Deleted and Broken Links, enable you to view PageRank, find Dofollow and Nofollow Links, and more.

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