10 Best Free Green Screen Software you should know

Green Screen video editing has become popular among professional video editors. The green screens editing let you make a video which looks more advanced and interesting to the audience. This software detects the green background behind a subject using chroma key effect. It is not necessary to have a Green background, but it preferably while using chroma keying. In this post, we’ve listed 10 best free green screen software you should use for best movie making.

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01. LightWorks

Green Screen Software

Lightworks is an advanced and popular video editing software, which can be used to chroma key green screen videos. This video editing software is very popular among professional video editors. It comes full of many advanced features for green screening or color keying a green screen video footage and putting other awesome effects. Lightworks is a cross-platform across Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Green Screen Editing using LightWorks

  1. Once you import your green screen video, open VFX tab, and select the V1 track in the timeline and click the tab marked with a plus icon.  
  2. Click the Favorites drop-down menu and select the Key, followed by Green Screen.
  3. Select Add Effect and you’ll see a new panel of settings under the color correction wheels.
  4. Select the background you want to remove using the eyedropper tool. If it doesn’t make the green background invisible completely, you can adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, and Key softness to get desired results.

02. Open Broadcaster

Green Screen Software

Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source streaming and recording program. It’s GUI simple and it offers many advanced options to get a more detailed result. OBS allows you to apply chroma key to green screen videos along with various other video effects. this software is that you can chroma key recorded video, as well as live feed from the webcam.

Green Screen Editing using Open Broadcaster

  1. Import your video to OBS by adding your video source.
  2. Right click on the video source and select ‘Filter’.
  3. Click the plus under the ‘Effects Filters’ section, then select ‘Chroma Key’. Enter a name for the effect layer.
  4. When adding a chroma key OBS will automatically generate some baseline settings. In most cases, you’ll need to fine-tune these settings.

03. VSDC Free Video Editor

Green Screen Software

VSDC Free Video Editor is a green screen software that offers more than a standard set of tools. It has plenty of functionality like drawing and selection tools. It is one of the very few freeware video editor programs that has green screen editing capability. VSDC Free Video Editor has a modern looking interface, that is very intuitive.

Green Screen Editing using Open Broadcaster

  1. Double click the layer of green screen video to go to its inner timeline. Select Editor > Video Effects > Transparent > Background remover.
  2. Then select “Whole parent duration” and click OK. Now, set Chroma key color to the green background using the color picker.

04. XSplit Broadcaster

Green Screen Software

XSplit is a live streaming and video-mixing application where it is able to switch between various media configurations. It’s also a green screen software using chroma key. It comes with a variety of options for chroma keying green screen videos and various color-related options to add more effects to the video. it allows you to apply chroma key to living feed from a webcam.

Green Screen Editing using Xsplit Broadcaster

  1. Import the green screen video and other media files that you wish to use as a background.
  2. Right click on the green screen video and choose the Color option from the popup menu. Now, the green background automatically removed and hidden media sources are now visible.
  3. You can adjust a lot of color-related options of the visible part.

05. iMovie

Green Screen Software

iMovie video editor comes with Apple Mac which helps bring your moving images together into one professional looking production. You can download this green screen software for windows. Besides of basic functions, it provides a simplistic timeline, built-in sound and animations and various easy-to-use effects including green screen effect. Here is a detailed guide on how to apply green screen effect.

Green Screen Editing using iMovie

  1. Import green screen video into iMovie.
  2. Make sure Advanced Tools are turned on.
  3. Open the project you want to add the green-screen effect to.
  4. In the Event browser, select Green screen video.
  5. Drag the selection over a clip in your project and release the mouse button when you see a green Add (+) symbol.
  6. In the contextual menu that appears, choose Green Screen.

06. VirtualDub

Green Screen Software

VirtualDub is free video editing and green screen software designed for fast processing and versatility. It helps you deal with the basic video editing like swap audio tracks, add filters, trim clips and adjust audio. It also includes a basic green screen option, but it is not very powerful compared to other software.

Green Screen Editing using VirtualDub

  1. Import the green screen video to VirtualDub, then choose the Effects option and select Green Screen.
  2. Click and drag the replacement video down to the Replacement window. The replacement video is located in the video file bin on the side of the program window.
  3. Click on the green screen and the green is removed and replaced by the replacement information.

07. Wax

Green Screen Software

Wax is a simple video editor which provides lots of special effects which enables users to produce dynamic pieces of video. These effects include chroma key compositing and 3d effects. Wax can only take AVI files, as well as exports in AVI. Wax can take most picture files, AVI video files, and as far as I know, mp3 and WAV audio files.

Green Screen Editing using Wax

  1. Import your green screen video to Wax. open the presets by clicking on the second tab on the media bar. A new interface will appear in place of the media bin.
  2. Click on the preset and you will get a list. With the chroma key, you will see a color bar, a color picker option, a tolerance level, and an invert option.
  3. To activate the chroma key, choose an item on the timeline with a background of one color.

08.  OpenShot

Green Screen Software

Openshot is an open source video editor, which allows you to chroma keying of green screen videos. It has a good user interface and many effects. Openshot is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. It helps you to create videos with exciting video effects, titles, and audio tracks. Openshot includes lots of effects for video editing such as Color correction, Saturation, Masks, Blur, Negative, etc.

Green Screen Editing using OpenShot

  1. To create a chroma key in OpenShot green screen software, import the green screen videos you’re going to use.
  2. Drag the file to be keyed onto Track 2 in the timeline, and the file to use as the background on Track 1.
  3. Click the Effects tab, find the Chroma Key effect and drag it onto the top file in the timeline. You will see a star appear on the file in the timeline.
    Right-click the top file in the timeline and select Properties.
  4. In the Properties window, click the Effects tab and then click the Chroma Key effect.
  5. Click the green colored area next to the word Key to bring up the Pick a Color window.
  6. Click the eyedropper tool and then click on a green part of the video image. Then click Apply in the properties window.

09. Blender

Green Screen Software

Blender is an integrated application that enables the creation of a broad range of 2D and 3D content. It provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing functionality in one package. Blender is a professional application, and it’s a little complex for chroma keying. It uses a node-based modeling technique to create animation and is really popular among animators.

Green Screen Editing using Blender

  1. Import your green screen footage to Blender. Once the clip is loaded, select Node Editor.
  2. Go to the bottom of the view and click the Node Tree Type button, then check the Use Nodes and Backdrop buttons.
  3. Select the Render Layers node, and because we won’t need it you can delete it. Then move the Compositing node out of the way because we won’t need it yet.
  4. Click the Add menu in the bar at the bottom of the view and select Input > Movie Clip. Select the green screen clip you added in the Movie Clip Editor.
  5. Now select Add > Matte > Keying to add a keying node.  Also, Add > Output > Viewer to make the output from the key visible.
  6. Click on the little yellow dot next to Image output on the Input node, and drag it to Image input on the Keying node. Then drag the little dot next to Image output on the keying node, and drag it to the image input on the viewer node.
  7. Click the Key Colour button on the Keying node, click the eyedropper, and select the green screen.
  8. Adjust the Black Clip slider to expand the amount of greens which turn to black. Then adjust the White Clip to push the whites to prevent them from becoming transparent.
  9. Once you have pure white and pure black, reconnect the image output of the keying node to the image input on the viewer, and you’ll see you have a decent key.
  10. Now, navigate to your background clip and load it from Add > Input > Movie Clip.

10. VideoPad Editor

Green Screen Software

VideoPad Video Editor is a green screen software that allows you to edit video from any camcorder, DV camcorder, VHS or webcam. It is also used for chroma keying. VideoPad has a nice and easy to use user interface. It has over 50 visual and transition effects to add a professional touch to your movies.

Green Screen Editing using VideoPad

  1. The Green Screen effect is in the Video Effects dialog, which you can open by clicking the Effects button on Videopad UI.
  2. From the Video Effects dialog, click the drop menu at the top and select Green Screen and click Add to add the effect to the Applied Effects list.
  3. Click the Configure Effect button to open the Green Screen Select dialog.
  4. Select the color you want to remove by clicking on a color in the clip preview, or by clicking on the color picker control.
  5. Change the Background and Foreground values to adjust how similar a color has to be to the selected color for it to be removed.


The above list does not mean exhaustive, and there are many other great green screen software out there that offer similar functionality to some of the applications that we have looked at today.

If you know any best green screen software other than the above list, share it in the comment section below.

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