10 Best online photo editor you should know

Online photo editor, which operate directly in the browser. The online photo editing tools are all free for basic edits, though some offer ad-free premium services for a reasonable price.

Here are 10 best online imaging tools that can perform photographic heavy lifting for you on any platform. Upload images directly from the computer, pull them off your social networks and send them back there, or retrieve them from online storage sites like Flickr and Picasa.

01. Pixlr

10 Best online photo editor you should know

Pixlr Editor is one of the most full-featured imaging packages available, gives you a choice of how deeply you want to dive into your editing tasks. Also, Pixlr provides a complete online photo editor that’s reminiscent of Photoshop and Pixelmator.
Pixlr Express has a variety of one-click changes that are fun and fast and a great choice for beginning editors. Additionally, Pixlr offers Grabber for Firefox browser addon that enables you to right click on any image in a web page and loads it into Pixlr for editing.

02. Fotor Webapp

10 Best online photo editor you should know

Fotor is a free and easy to use photo editor. It is also one of the very few applications that come designed for Windows, Mac and as a WebApp. It is a feature-rich image editor that allows you to apply filters to images, add borders, tilt-shift and other effects. Fotor also comes with a powerful card creation tool.

03. PicMonkey

10 Best online photo editor you should know

PicMonkey is an online tool that allows you to do basic photo editing without downloading any kind of software. Also, PicMonkey does have a premium version.
PicMonkey has three main functions: Edit/Touch Up, Design and Collage.
Using Edit/Touch Up menu, you can crop, resize, add text, change the colors, and more. They even have a special set of tools for touching up images of people.
The Design function allows you to start with a blank canvas instead of uploading a picture. They’ve also added templates, which are pre-made posters, invitations, and more. Collage function gives users the ability to edit several photos together to make a single larger photo.

04. Lunapic

10 Best online photo editor you should know

LunaPic (at Lunapic.com) is a free online photo editor with some impressive features. With LunaPic you can edit photos and images, apply filters and effects, add text, paste secondary images, add GIF animations, edit movies and create new image elements with an extensive set of draw tools.
There is so much to explore and choose from at LunaPic.com. The lunapic’s navigational menu is comparable to Adobe PhotoShop Or CorelDraw, with its horizontal menu bar and drop-down style sub menus. The program lacks an intuitive layering system and you can’t save the finished image at sizes optimized for use on the Internet.

05. BeFunky

10 Best online photo editor you should know

BeFunky is a free photo collage maker that’s not only easy to use but is full of awesome layouts and features. You can create collages in full-screen mode and make edits using BeFunky’s online photo editor. Text can be added to a collage and you can use BeFunky’s fonts or the ones from your computer.
Using the web version, you can upload a photo from just about anywhere, even Facebook or a webcam. Once you get your pic loaded, the filters and effects can be added.
Also, BeFunky has a very natural interface that supporting drag and drop.It does not require registration or account. It has lots of free collage layout templates. You can upload multiple photos can be uploaded simultaneously. It includes lots of free clip art images.
Using BeFunky, you can edit in full-screen mode.You can share your collage after editing.

06. FotoFlexer

10 Best online photo editor you should know

Fotoflexer is a free photo editing tool. It does have great, useful features. The best thing about FotoFlexer is that the interface is very easy to use.
FotoFlexer includes an auto fix buttons, crop function, a red eye removal tool, and other tasks like rotate and resize abilities.
FotoFlexer supports adding stickers and text to images, as well as drawing on a picture, inserting faces over other images, filling in color, adding borders etc. The smart recoloring tool can help you to select and recolor a portion of an image to a different color.
Also, You can add a photo from your PC by clicking the large “Upload Photo” button, importing photos from Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Picasa, Phanfare, PhotoBucket, Smugmug, or Yahoo Search, inserting a URL or using one of three sample photos

07. Ipiccy

10 Best online photo editor you should know

IPiccy is an awesome online image editor. There are tons of useful tools and the interface couldn’t be easier to work with.

Users can change the saturation and temperature of the image in order to add or remove color depending on personal needs. iPiccy has a number of filters that you can apply in order to create stunning visual effects. With Ipiccy you can airbrush like a pro with a variety of tools such as the wrinkle and blemish remover.All the basic tools included in iPiccy are categorized in one of the following sections: Basic, Advanced, Adjustments, Color, and Filters.
You can upload images to iPiccy from your computer, directly from a webcam, or via an online image’s URL.

08. Picture2Life

10 Best online photo editor you should know

Picture2Life is a free tool that enables users to edit, collage and animate their pictures online. Also, Picture2Life allows users to upload their pictures directly from their computers as well as the ability to connect directly to a photo sharing or blogging website of choice such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr to import or publish pictures in minutes.
The unique collage creator lets you insert several photos into a canned or custom-built template. It has built-in tools for storing, organizing, and sharing photos.
You can download your finished images or export them to Flickr or ImageShack.

09. piZap

10 Best online photo editor you should know

piZap is a free online photo editor that have tons of filters, frames, and stickers to really make your images pop in a way that’s unique to you. You can even build them into a photo collage.
A text tool has lots of fonts to choose from and lets you change the text color, background color, and glow color along with changing the font size and alignment. Over 50 filters can be applied to a photo using piZap, such as a tiled image, inverted, sepia, vignette, tint, and twirl effect.

You can also utilize the layering feature to even further customize a picture, all without even having to download anything. Auto-Fix button allows you to click to immediately apply color enhancements to a picture.

10. Pixenate

10 Best online photo editor you should know

Pixenate is online photo editing software that you can use stand-alone or integrate into an existing photo-sharing or photo-printing Web site. It works on Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera browsers and allows you to do some reasonably sophisticated online photo editing.
Using Pixenate, you can add text to the picture, add filters, cut into shapes, make pop art out of, or add clip art.
Pixenate can significantly enhance the stickiness of your Web site by offering an easy-to-use integrated photo editor that doesn’t require your users to download and install additional software.

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