10 Best project management software you should know

Project Management Software refers to applications that were designed to facilitate project delivery and make it more efficient.

The main uses of Project Management Software are:

  • Project management software offers communication tools to help teams discuss tasks in real time.
  • The software offers document sharing tools to enable users to edit and update project reports and create systems for communication and transparency.
  • Project management software generally offers tools that help to manage project costs.
  • The software helps you to identify project risks, track budgets, and create forecasts.
  • The system offers flexible report formats and helps you access required data quickly and easily to keep projects on schedule.
  • Dashboard-based software is easy to install and simple to learn and use. This means faster implementation and ramp-up times.

Here is the list of 10 Best project management software every project managers should know.

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01. Asana

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Asana is one of the most well-known project management tools. It made by a veteran in the collaboration arena, and companies such as Intel, Uber, Pinterest, and TED all use it as their core method of communication.

It’s designed for companies to track the work of their employees and to get the best possible results. Using the platform, you can create to-do lists, set reminders, and send requests to colleagues. Team members can also assign comments to posts within the app.

Also, You can organize all your projects in a list or board format, and there’s a search function so you can locate past work quickly.

02. Smart Sheet

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Smartsheet is a software as a service application for collaboration and project management. The spreadsheet-like interface to help teams collaborate, plan projects and manage tasks.
Also, it includes document management, reporting, resource management and time tracking, with issue management offered through an add-on application. Smartsheet offers cloud-based subscription model with native mobile apps for Android and iOS to help users finish work. You will find that the tool’s pricing is reasonable and scalable.

03. Maven link

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Mavenlink is a straightforward Project Management service, with good permissions levels, a very professional user interface, and a few tiers of service. This program is changing what online project management software is capable of with powerful financial management reporting built-in and deep integrations with Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and Intuit QuickBooks.
Also, Mavenlink integrates with many popular applications, such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, JIRA, and Zendesk. Its chrome plugin assigns tasks based on emails and its QuickBooks integration syncs with time and projects.

04. Workfront

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Workfront project management software helps you manage projects in one place. A cloud-based work management tool for marketing and IT teams. It provides enterprise-level project management and project management.
Also, Workfront supports roles with different permissions levels. It offers Customization, Open API, Sharepoint integration, and version control. Workfront is currently being used by our IT and Video Production teams to manage their projects and workflows.
If the process you are trying to manage is highly linear, Workfront project management software might be the solution for you.

05. Jira

10 Best project management softwares you should know

JIRA project management is an issue and project tracking tool for managing multiple teams working on multiple projects.
Also, JIRA for project management can create Kanban and Scrum boards with sprint planning and issue time estimation capabilities. It’s highly recommended that the easily generated burndown charts and cumulative flow diagrams. You can use out-of-the-box workflows or customize your own JIRA boards. You can even customize fields and screens used for capturing and tracking issues.
Additionally, JIRA dashboards allow team members and stakeholders to see the up-to-the-minute status of a project. Portfolio Management add-on helps you see the big picture of tasks and resources across projects.

06. Target Process

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Targetprocess is a project management software helps to visualize and manage Agile projects with full support for Kanban, Scrum, or a customized Agile method. It gives enhanced visualization functionality to help you get visibility across teams, projects, and the entire company. Targetprocess is customizable and flexibly adapts to your organization structure and management style.
Using Targetprocess, You can also create graphical reports about anything in your boards and Plan tasks on Gantt chart-style timelines. With customizable dashboards, you can get the task, projects, and reports.

07. Microsoft Project

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. Microsoft Project is a flexible tool for project portfolio management and daily work.
Microsoft Project is the tool for any company that is tired of trying to boost productivity with whiteboard scribblings, post-it notes, as well as scraps of paper.
Microsoft Project is used in various industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, retail, financial services, government, and health care.

08. Base Camp

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Basecamp keeps project management is an online project management suites that offer simple setup and short learning time. It is a real-time communication tool that helps teams stay on the same page.
project management is quite easy with this software, enabling users to organize people, delegate tasks, and monitor progress right from the get go. Additionally, with to-do-lists, calendaring, due dates and file-sharing, Basecamp provides a way for teams to keep track of priorities and actionable items.

09. Wrike

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Wrike project management software improves the speed and efficiency of work in both co-located and distributed groups. The flexibility provided by Wrike enables multifunctional groups to collaborate and get things done effectively from a single location.

You can also integrate Wrike with the tools you already use and connect your essential business tools to Wrike to make it your project control center. Google, Microsoft, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, GitHub, JIRA, and much more.

10. Trello

10 Best project management softwares you should know

Trello has an interface that you can even drag task cards across columns, just like you would playing cards. It’s easy to learn and works well for monitoring projects and assigning tasks.

Also, Trello available on the web and with mobile apps, it lets you easily organize projects and work on them with colleagues.

The platform allows you to work with boards or lists, which can be organized by teams and different tasks. You can set up to-do lists and delegate amongst colleagues. There’s also the option to assign comments to cards – a quick way to give feedback to others.

Additionally, Trello has a number of integrations with apps such as Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive and Slack. You can download the app for free and there are premium options available which give access to more features.

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