10 Best Expense tracking softwares you should know

Expense tracking software monitors the business expenses, current status and time spent on a project to filing taxes and claiming deductions accurately.

Many expense tracking software comes with accounting software and tax software. However, here we’ve listed 10 best expense tracking software that is independent of other programs.

01. Expensify

Best Expense tracking software

Expensify is used to manage expenses and money transactions with data and reporting processes. It helps you to maintain summaries of different accounts along with calendars so that transparency can be obtained. Expensify store your receipts, expenses, and reports so you can access them on any device at office or home.

Expensify offers powerful tools to track your travel expenses based on the miles traveled or the amount of time spent on a particular project. It offers a simple solution to recording expenses such as recording expenses from the information provided through photos.

02. Xpenditure

Best Expense tracking software

Xpenditure is an expense reporting solution designed to automate the expense management process. It allows users to scan and digitize receipts using a mobile app. Users can add additional notes to the entry. It is able to gather information from business cards, to create a list of valuable contacts.
Using Xpenditure, users can generate expense or reimbursement reports that can be exported in PDF or CSV, or integrated directly into an existing accounting or ERP system.

03. TaxBot

Best Expense tracking software

TaxBot is a mobile app that helps you to keep track of your small business expenses and maximize potential tax deductions. It has a good interface which is simple to use. It is a good solution for track business expenses, including mileage. Also, TaxBot allows you to take a picture of a receipt and easily attach it to an expense entry to file and keep track of expenses.
Using your phone’s GPS, you can automatically track mileage. All tax information is stored in the Cloud with 256 encryption.

04. Certify

Best Expense tracking software

Certify is a web-based travel and expense management platform to help manage their travel-related expenses, generate reports, and reimbursements. Using Mobile, users can capture receipts using the camera. The offline-syncing mode allows travelers to log every expense instantly even in areas with no internet connectivity.

Certify speeds up expense analysis and reports as processing time is shortened. Reimbursement processing is also automated.

05. ExpenseBot

Best Expense tracking software

ExpenseBot is Simplify and automate your expense management. that keeps things simple for users. It modernizes your expense reporting process, eliminates fraud. Also, ExpenseBot allow you to integrates staff’s credit cards, calendar, email, and mobile devices to learn their habits as they spend and automatically tracks, categories, and adds expenses to reports.

ExpenseBot integrates with 20,000+ banks worldwide and automatically
 handles currency conversions.

06. Zoho Expense

Best Expense tracking software

Zoho Expense is a transforms expense reporting and monitoring platform. Also, Zoho Expense dashboard offers a summary on various aspects such as the Unsubmitted.
Submitted reports, reimbursement report, unreported expenses, etc. By automate expense recording, Users can add expenses to reports and submit it to the approvers in a matter of seconds. It also automatically captures credit card transactions and converts those into expenses.

Zoho Expense integrates with the Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice and Zoho People. It can also be integrated with QuickBooks Online.

07. Deductr

Best Expense tracking software

Deductr is a program to keep track of your expenses. They have over 500,000 user accounts in over 80 countries. Also, Deductr automatically uploads your income and expenses by connecting directly to the bank or credit card. It keeps your financial data secure with Deductr Pro’s 256-bit SSL encryption.

Additionally, Deductr tracks your travel expenses through GPS-enable software that logs every mile you travel.

08. ExpensePath

Best Expense tracking software

Expense Path is for small to medium-sized businesses with online expense reporting. Expense reporting made simple with intuitive web and mobile applications, built-in tools to streamline your company’s expensing process. It offers receipt and expense report uploading as well as other services for small business owners and employees.

ExpensePath doesn’t require you store banking information to use it.

09. Abacus

Best Expense tracking software

Abacus is expense tracking software that delivers easy-to-use interfaces. The user interface is very easy to navigate, and very thoughtfully laid out. However, It is the easiest way for you to automate how you reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, and implement your expense policy. You can review and approve the expenses from the direct reports.

10. Receipt Bank

Best Expense tracking software

Receipt Bank converts annoying bits of paper receipts & invoices into data you, and your company can use. Also, Receipt Bank gathers your receipts, scans them and processes them. Then it publishes your receipt data to the person or software that needs it. Also, it cuts the cost and time of dealing with receipts and expenses.

Receipt Bank automation technologies are used by over 15,000 small business customers globally.

Anwar Yakkiparamban

Anwar Yakkiparamban is the founder of Lauyou Learning. Prior to Lauyou learning, Anwar worked at ARD Engineering & Development, Qatar. He holds bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt. Engineering College Idukki.

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