10 Best Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

To become a great marketer, you have to be up-to-date with the latest news and trends of the marketing strategies. A Marketing podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which related to marketing. You can listen to them anywhere. It is a great way to get knowledge while you’re in the car, bus or train, exercising, or just while multitasking. There are a number of business and marketing podcasts that everyone can learn. In this post, we’ve curated 10 best marketing podcasts for entrepreneurs.

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10 Best Marketing Podcasts

Here are the podcasts you need to be a better marketer.

01. Fizzle Show

Best Marketing Podcasts

The Fizzle Show is a podcast for online entrepreneurs that brings you lessons about building your audience, creating a valuable product or service and starting a business. It is a weekly talk show for those who want to do great work. The 3 hosts have great podcast chemistry and each brings different values to the episodes. The Fizzle Show help indie entrepreneurs make weekly progress on their business.

02. The #AskGarryVee Show

Best Marketing Podcasts

The #AskGaryVee show started as a YouTube series in which he sources questions from Twitter and answers on camera. Gary Vee podcast use to answer questions about marketing, social media, and general entrepreneurial topics that he receives through social media. He spends 15-30 minutes intensely answering your most burning marketing questions.

03. Marketing Over Coffee

Best Marketing Podcasts

Marketing Over Coffee podcast is hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn record the show in a local coffee shop. they’re the perfect combo for serious marketing people. Mostly, this weekly podcast is news-based rather than topic-based.

All podcasts are under 30 minutes and provide great new media marketing content. They are joined by great guests like Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott. The shows are published every Thursday morning.

04. CopyBlogger FM

Best Marketing Podcasts

CopyBlogger FM is one of the best marketing podcasts which help you improve your content marketing and writing skills. In this podcast, host Sonia Simone talks to marketing experts about writing, conversion optimization, mindfulness, email marketing, etc. This weekly podcasts are 25 to 30-minutes longer but are shorter than some others.

05. Marketing School

Best Marketing Podcasts

In Marketing School podcast, Eric Siu and Neil Patel offer users unconventional marketing teachings that will help you to kick some of your traditional strategies. Their goal is to bring you valuable, actionable marketing tips every day in just ten minutes. This 10-minute podcast focuses on providing actionable advice I can use in my everyday job. This marketing tips to take your business to the next level and get to work right away.

06. Duct Tape Marketing

Best Marketing Podcasts

Duct Tape Marketing podcast is an interview-style show that touches on all sorts of business and marketing tactics. This show hosts John Jantsch, a marketing expert, and author. This podcast which brings on many different guests to chat about new trends, tips, and tactics in the digital marketing space. John Jantsch has interviewed thought leaders, experts, and authors. His ability to drive the subject towards small business applications is unique.

07. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Best Marketing Podcasts

The Smart Passive Income Podcast is one of the best marketing podcast which is hosted by Pat Flynn. He talks about the importance solving specific business problems. His blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, income sources and killer marketing tips. This podcast share with you so much “Epic Content” with the proven methods for running an online business.

08.  StartUp

Best Marketing Podcasts

Gimlet Media is a podcasting company that aims to help listeners better understand the world and each other. It is a new podcasting company that produces high-quality narrative based podcast shows. StartUp was their first podcast and follows the story of CEO Alex Blumberg. StartUp provides an incredibly transparent look into what it’s really like starting a business. This business podcast gives startups and entrepreneurs strategies to develop their businesses.

09.  Call to Action

Best Marketing Podcasts

Call to Action podcast is created by Unbounce which is mainly focuses on specific online marketing success stories. They cover digital marketing topics ranging from strategy, planning, execution, and to optimization. Each Wednesday a new guest comes on the show to talk about the latest trends. Call to Action will also share exclusive offers for different marketing tools, resources, and events that you don’t want to miss.

10. The BeanCast Marketing Podcast

Best Marketing Podcasts

The BeanCast Marketing is a funny podcast. Hosted by Bob Knorpp, The BeanCast is a panel of every-changing guests. It discusses recent trends in marketing, advertising, and public relations. This weekly roundtable podcast discuss marketing, advertising, interactive and public relations community.

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