10 Best Websites to Learn Linux Online

Linux is an Open Source Operating System. Linux Operating System allows you to perform lots of tasks. It is completely free, and there are many good distros. Linux has no viruses, No need drivers, you can simply install software using the terminal. Linux was designed around a strong and highly integrated command line interface. There are so many Linux courses available for free online. In this article, we bring to you some of the 10 best websites with the help of which you can learn Linux online easily.

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01. Linux Programming

Learn Linux Online

Linux Programming

This website is the starting point to learn and develop Linux programs and administer Linux. It also has an explanation for some of the faqs like why is Linux important, the difference between Linux and Unix, etc. It shows you the basics and also advanced commands for powering Linux systems. The website has divided topics into multiple sections.

02. The Complete Beginners Guide to Linux

Learn Linux Online

The Complete Beginners Guide to Linux

The Complete Beginners Guide to learn Linux online resource which does not limit to learning Linux basics. It expands its reach to other areas of Linux training including visualization, drivers, kernels, performance tuning, system administration. They also provide certification for Linux training. There is also a list of free Massive Open Online Course paired with EdX.

03. Norm Matloff’s Unix and Linux Tutorial Center

Learn Linux Online

Norm Matloff’s Unix and Linux Tutorial Center

Norman Matloff is a professor of computer science at the University of California, he wrote many online course materials for learning about UNIX, Linux, C programming, Java, Perl. This website includes plain text resource without much of any web page styling, but informative. The website is popular for free Linux and UNIX tutorials for independent study.

04. Linux Security for Beginners

Learn Linux Online

Linux Security for Beginners

Linux Security for Beginners is a resource from Linuxtopia. This site contains a library of online tutorials. Linuxtopia is a complete encyclopedia for everything related to Linux. It also includes How-to Guides and a Search option that lets you search Linux related queries. Linuxtopia explores everything about firewalls, wireless security etc.

05. LinOxide

Learn Linux Online


Linoxide Linux blog is a good resource to learn Linux online which was founded on 2006. The site publishing the latest Linux stuff and Open-Source related articles with detailed steps. The LinOxide provides online tutorials and howto’s on Linux, commands and configuration, troubleshooting, firewall, shell script etc. It provides tutorials about Linux howto, Linux distros, Linux commands, Linux tools, automation, web servers, ubuntu howto.

06. Linux Newbie Guide

Learn Linux Online

Linux Newbie Guide

Linux NewBie Guide is a website which includes Linux tutorials for beginners. This is a simplistic website which makes it easy to obtain knowledge about Linux. This website has tutorials on how to get started on several Linux distros and how to use them.

07. nixCraft

Learn Linux Online


nixCraft offers Linux tutorials and guides about various open source software. It also has Linux/Unix FAQ collections. nixCraft is one of the best resources to learn Linux online which founded in May 2002. This website also includes a Linux/Unix tech support forum. The site has lots of posts on all kind of Linux stuffs, command tips, backup tools, Linux package installation etc.

08. Linux Basic Concepts

Learn Linux Online

Linux Basic Concepts

Tutorials point is a free e-learning website which provides tutorials not even sufficient for beginners. They provide Linux Basic Concepts tutorials to teach the basics of Linux. Try the website and just grab the cool tutorials that we help you a lot.

09. Compute Freely

Learn Linux Online

Compute Freely

Compute freely is a friendly place to start for the Free & Open Source Software and Linux curious. This website explains why you should start using Linux and also describes popular Linux distros. It also has a several Linux category where you can find how to choose the best distro. It teaches you fundamentals of Linux in the simplest manner possible.

10. Linux Journey

Learn Linux Online

Linux Journey

Linux Journey is a clean website which has divided topics into multiple sections including Getting Started, Command Line, Text, Processes, Permissions, Advanced Text, User Management, Devices, Filesystem, etc. Each section includes exercises and quizzes in addition to theory learning. It also shows you the recommended resources.

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